There are many reasons why you should trust an experienced asbestos removal company and it is easy to sort the professionals from the cowboys if you follow this quick guide .

  1. There are two categories of asbestos removal as set out by work safe Australia. B class and A class. Coastal Asbestos Removal currently operates under a B class license. Are you qualified to carry out asbestos removal ?
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  3. All asbestos removal companies in Australia are required by law to hold an Asbestos Business License. The qualifications of a B class competency does not allow an individual or an organisation to remove asbestos professionally without a, Business license make sure you see a copy of the business license .Ask can I see a copy of your business licence to remove asbestos ?
  4. Only and approved Hazzard rated vacuum can be used for decontamination of asbestos removal work , these vacuums have to be tested 12 monthly and have a documented maintenance procedures this is a mandatory requirement under law . Ask do you have copies of your regular maintenance log and DOP test results for your Hazard/ asbestos rated vacuum ?
  5. All workers removing asbestos must have completed the A class or B class competency course facilitated by a registered training organisation. Ask are all your guys qualified to remove asbestos ?
  6. In Queensland you must have a asbestos waste transport license to transport any quantity of asbestos that has been removed professionally . Ask can I see a copy of your asbestos transport license number or your waste transport certificate book?
  7. All professional asbestos removal jobs must be inspected and a clearance certificate issued by a inspector qualified under the act for each license class. Ask do you have somebody who is qualified to carry out clearance inspections ?
  8. Asbestos specific public liability is mandatory , most common public liability insurances that tradesmen carry exclude asbestos. Ask can I see a copy of the asbestos specific public liability insurance ? It’s important to call the insurance company to verify asbestos related incidents are covered.
  9. All professional asbestos removal jobs in QLd and NSW must be reported to the regulating body prior to the job starting . Ask can we get a copy of the authorisation from workplace health and safety before work starts ?
  10. All asbestos removal must comply with the ” how to safely remove asbestos code of practice 2011″ . Some of the things covered are Personal Protective Equipment , best removal practice , reporting , training , licensing and training and a copy of the act must be carried at all times . Ask can we see your copy of the how to remove asbestos safely act 2011?
  11. A work method statement and asbestos removal and control plan must be prepared for each and every asbestos removal job no matter how small it is . Ask can we see a copy of your work method statement and asbestos removal and control plan before work starts ?
  12. All asbestos removal ppe must comply with how to remove asbestos safely act 2011. Suits must be compliant and masks must be fit for use and be “fit tested” to the individual asbestos removalist. Ask can I see your fit test and mask inspection log?
  13. All asbestos removal companies must carry out regular safety inspections of jobs and have a safety system . Ask can I see a copy of your safety system ?
  14. Are the asbestos removal company an established business ? Check things like are they active on social media ? Do they have a professional web site ? Do they run from the back of a ute or do they have an office / workshop or both ? You can visit our office at 2/54 Newheath Drive, Arundel Qld 4214 and its easy to find us on social media and the net .