a class b class 300x300 - A class B class asbestos licenses what does this mean to the homeowner?

Asbestos Licenses, what’s the difference ?

Safe Work Australia classes asbestos into two types “friable” and “non Friable” .Their definitions are as follows

“Friable asbestos means material that is in a powder form or that can be crumbled , pulverized or reduced to powder by hand pressure when dry and contains asbestos ”

“Non friable asbestos means material containing asbestos that is not friable asbestos,including material containing asbestos fibers reinforced with a bonding compound “

Both licenses are regulated and the training is facilitated under a national code of conduct by registered training organisations accredited by the regulator .

Now that has cleared the mist up where are you likely to find the two different types of asbestos ? The short answer is most asbestos containing materials(acm’s) used in the home and workplace as part of the linings of the building was non friable asbestos . This means that you would be unlucky to have friable asbestos in the fabric of you home or workplace.There are many uses for friable asbestos mostly in heavy industry especially as insulation products.

So lets go down a little deeper . Friable asbestos products found in homes and workplaces would mainly be in Low Density Board (LDB) which can be removed with a B class license with a few extra control conditions and higher rated Personal protection equipment (PPE) but still allowable according to work safe Australia which is the national regulator . It still requires a clearance certificate and is disposed and transported in the same way.The other friable lining in your home or workplace would be in the backing of lino a simple test can identify this .

The main difference between friable and non friable acm’s is the asbestos percentage friable asbestos products can be 100% pure asbestos or as low as 30% in some LDB remembering LDB is in a stable condition and if removed correctly poses little risk of fibre release during removal. Recently in Australia there has been a disaster with friable asbestos in Canberra we have posted about the Mr Fluffy disaster on our facebook page . Near 100% pure asbestos was pumped into hundreds of homes ceiling and underfloor space as loose fill insulation . Rest assured every single case has been documented and all Mr Fluffy homes are being demolished .

Bonded or non Friable asbestos which is found in most homes is safe as long as it is well maintained. Coastal Asbestos Removal is a specialist B class asbestos removal company we have over 15 years experience removing asbestos and can tell you asbestos removal is not for the untrained . We use our years of experience and specialized equipment to take the risk out of asbestos removal for you .