At Coastal Asbestos Removal we can look after all of your compliance needs just give us a call and we can get you compliant the same day if needed! Asbestos was used not only in homes but many commercial buildings as well, it can be found anywhere inside and outside a building. Unless you have years of experience asbestos containing materials (acm’s) are really hard to define. Knowing where there is asbestos is the key to keeping everybody safe and this is done by having an asbestos register for the building. According to the Workplace Health and safety Qld

website the act demands the following:

ashmore - Asbestos in the workplace who's responsible ?

“A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure asbestos at the workplace is identified, the location of asbestos is clearly indicated and recorded in a register and have a written asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified at the workplace (or is likely to be there at times).An asbestos register is not required if the building was constructed after 31 December 1989 and no asbestos has been identified at the workplace and asbestos is not likely to be present.The asbestos register must be maintained so the information in the register is up to date and be readily accessible.”

Basically the act puts the responsibility on the MANAGING AGENT or the OWNER of the building if it is their own building the business is operated from . This description of a workplace covers and place where a business is operated from , you may have a yard with a small shed on it , an old house you have converted into an office space or a traditional office space,restaurant,shop,warehouse/distribution center the list goes on if employees are based there you have a workplace . The owner of the building either directly or thru a managing agent is responsible for the documentation to be supplied to all tenants.

OK now we know what the legislation says what is the purpose of this register it does many things

  • It provides the location of all acm’s in the building inside and outside
  • It provides the procedures to manage the damage of acm’s in the building
  • It provides the location of possible acm’s in the building
  • sometimes test results are included to establish the presence of asbestos in the building materials used to construct the building.

Having this document on hand at all times is a crucial part of the health and safety management of the workplace . All tradesmen and service personnel are required to consult the register before any work is done in the building . This is to reduce the risk of asbestos contamination due to them simply not knowing the wall they just knocked down contained asbestos. After works are completed the register must be updated!

Say for example you were to have some renovations done to the building and wanted a few walls removed , the register would tell you weather the walls were lined with acm’s .What if you wanted to fit some down lights in the showroom ceiling . Even having and air conditioner fitted can cause a risk of exposure to deadly asbestos fibers. Asbestos cannot be drilled , sanded cut or removed without the correct specialized equipment and training . Asbestos registers save lives and thousands of dollars in decontamination costs.