66c452 cf61f275f061404495b438bbb7c8664b - Pre purchase inspections for asbestos and why they can save you $1000.00's
Asbestos pre purchase inspections are a cheap easy way to save thousands of dollars and help you make a better informed buying decision. If making your biggest financial purchase without asking as many smart questions as possible makes you comfortable then this blog is not for you .
Asbestos fast facts
: 90% of homes built before 1985 in Australia are likely to contain asbestos (safe work Australia)
: There are two main categories of asbestos used in residential properties “friable” and “non friable” . The removal cost of these two types of asbestos range from $50.00 a square meter to over $1000.00 per square meter to remove
: Real estate agents are not trained or required to have expertise in asbestos location and type
: %99 of building pre purchase building inspectors are not insured to report on asbestos so they leave it out of their reports.
: There is no cure for asbestos diseases and they are often fatal.
For a small fee usually around the cost of a building inspection you can have a full colour report full of pictures , locations , quantities and type of asbestos that is contained in any home . We also offer a cost estimate of the removal may be used to negotiate the purchase price down and save you thousands on renovations.
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