Asbestos and contaminated soil is a question that comes up every now and then and who determines what the difference between asbestos fragments in soil and asbestos contamination of soil.

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Managing asbestos in soil has implications for future occupants of the site including workers and neighbours that may be affected by asbestos and its effects on health . The health effects of asbestos are due to fibre release and in the case of soil contamination one factor is the likelihood that the asbestos in the soil will release deadly asbestos fibres. things like bonded asbestos in soil is unlikely to release many fibres and when carefully managed risk can be seen as low especially if the soil is covered and kept wet.

Under the act “Contaminated Land Management act 1997” if the asbestos is non friable the following procedures apply

As in all asbestos removal work with non friable asbestos a Bclass licence or A class licence is required for this work and all control measures including the relevant notification and site safety requirements under the act “how to remove asbestos safely 2011 ” must be followed .

The actual asbestos removal procedures basically require a grid to be set up and a “chicken pick ” of the area then a light raking of the damp soil to a depth of 10cm id sufficient . Once all visible pieces are removed there is no requirement for soil testing or air monitoring . A clearance certificate is then issued by an inspector to complete the job . For more complex sites the “National environment protection(assessment of site contamination) measure 1999(april2013) identifies criteria for assessment and remediation of non friable asbestos in soil.

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