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Asbestos roof removal is one of the jobs we have probably done the most over the years . Roofs are great when they are organised well ,and like everything we do at coastal asbestos removal we have a asbestos roof removal system that ensures the job is done safely every time . This is a quick overview of whats going to happen when we are at your home or workplace.

So what can you expect when you have your asbestos roof removed by us ?

All jobs start with the paperwork ,we register all jobs with workplace health and safety as required under the act . It’s the first step in making sure the job is compliant and making sure everything runs smoothly. If Scaffolding,cranes or scissor lifts and any electrical safety measures are required this will be all done before we get there .

On the day

  1. First up we hold a toolbox meeting to safely plan the job this lets everybody know exactly how the job will be done and keeps every body informed .
  2. We will go and notify the neighbors and set up our signage and barricades to keep everybody safe .
  3. While removing the roof we are careful not to break any of the roof sheeting .
  4. Once the roof sheeting is removed the ceiling space is decontaminated ,this involves removal of any insulation and the use of our hazard rated asbestos approved vacuum cleaners .
  5. After vacuuming the ceiling space an encapsulation spray is applied to the area to bind any loose fibers .
  6. After everything is decontaminated and double checked we have the roof inspected and a clearance certificate is issued .

The safely removed asbestos roof will usually be stacked on the ground and double wrapped in 200 um plastic sealed and ready for our crane truck to transport it to a regulated waste facility.

We have a few common scene rules to keep everybody safe while we are removing asbestos roofing . Keep all windows closed on the home , keep all pets away , no washing on the clothesline , remove all covers on outdoor furniture .

Removing asbestos roofs can be safely managed by our asbestos removal expert team of asbestos removal technicians we are constantly reviewing our safety policy’s and procedures to deliver the very best and safest asbestos removal experience for our customers.