Asbestos fence removal is a big part of the business and like everything else at coastal asbestos removal we have it down to a fine art. Although every site is different the fundamentals of asbestos fence removal are the same . Here is a quick guide of how a asbestos fence job would look like at your place.

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  1. First we notify workplace health and safety and register the job with them .
  2. We book in the excavator because digging out the fence is the safest and fastest way, asbestos fencing is usually buried up to half a meter into the ground.
  3. Now are onsite and our tool box meeting is held to work out how the job will be done safely with minimal disruption to everybody.
  4. Before we start we go and notify the neighbors and set up signage and tape off a perimeter to keep everybody safe.
  5. When removing the fence our goal is to minimize breakage and fiber release we use encapsulation spray and water to do this.
  6. Once all the fence is removed and the trench double checked the trench is backfilled and compacted with the excavator so there is no subsidence .
  7. The fence is either placed in our 200 um lined plastic trailer ,or stacked and double wrapped in 200 um plastic for our crane truck to pickup .
  8. Once we have double checked the job and every thing is decontaminated we get the job inspected and a clearance certificate is issued.

While we are working we have a few commonsense rules to keep everybody safe . please close all windows on the home ,no clothes on the clothesline and remove any covers on outdoor furniture.Its important to remember that your pets should be kept away from the job on the day.