Asbestos sheeting used in eaves linings is one place you can just about guarantee is in every single one of the homes built before its ban in Australia . Its one of the things that is a standard part of homes still built today although the asbestos has been removed from concrete sheeting ,the modern alternative is still the go to product for nearly all builders in Australia .

Over the years there have been a few different patterns in asbestos containing eaves sheets most notably the diamond shape hole pattern and the slotted eave sheet both designed the vent the eaves on a home . You may see new slotted sheets but the diamond pattern is almost always asbestos containing .Our team of asbestos removal experts can keep your family safe while performing asbestos eaves removal on your home.

So what should you expect on the day when we remove the asbestos eaves on your home ?

  1. Firstly there is the notification to workplace health and safety this is done electronically prior to the commencement of work at your place .
  2. Once onsite we hold a site meeting to ensure everybody is aware of what is to be done and by whom and the daily safety paperwork is completed .
  3. Next step is to erect our signage and mark out the work area and inform the neighbours .
  4. Eaves can be a really dirty job just imagine how old your place is and how much dust there is in the ceiling space in your home . We get a lot of house dust when we remove eaves . Its not to confused with asbestos dust .
  5. Laying down drop sheets to catch any small pieces of sheeting is crucial to ensuring no asbestos fragments are left on site. We always use water sprays and best practices to remove all sheets complete where possible but ,extra precautions are always necessary when working in gardens small pieces can be difficult to detect in shrubs.
  6. We slowly work our way around the home removing any timber strips first to make the job safer and to keep the sheets whole .
  7. Once the sheeting is removed the timbers are denailed and cleaned down then given the once over with our hazard rate vac before an encapsulation spray is applied to bind any fibers.
  8. Like all jobs after we double check everything next we have it inspected and a clearance certificate is issued.
  9. It’s time for us to pack up our asbestos transport trailer double wrap everything in two layers of 200 um plastic and clearly labeled ready for transport to a registered waste facility.
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