Asbestos ceilings in homes is very common in homes built in Australia . Work Safe Australia quotes the 90% of home built before 1990 will contain asbestos . And ceilings is just another part of the home asbestos sheeting was used , so what happens when you need them removed ? This is a quick guide to what is likely to happen when you have asbestos ceilings removed in your home.

  1. All asbestos removal jobs start with the notifications being lodged with the safety regulator in your State or Territory . This is required by law
  2. Next we would come to site and notify your neighbours that we will be removing asbestos, and how best they can keep themselves safe.
  3. Our pre start meeting is next where we go through the job from start to finish so everybody knows how the job will be done safely . This is where more safety paperwork is signed and filled our.
  4. Before any works start all our safety signage and barricades will be erected to clearly define the work area.
  5. Now we are ready to safely remove the asbestos, providing the room is empty of all furniture and belongings . The floor is covered and a wet seal is applied to the ceiling to keep the spread of dust down during the removal process.
  • If there is any insulation this will be removed as asbestos waste at this stage .
  • The frame is de nailed, decontaminated and an encapsulation spray is applied to ensure the area is safe.
  • Finally we have the job inspected , a clearance certificate is issued and the asbestos waste is transported to a registered waste facility .
  • Once all this is completed you are safe to return home and continue on with the renovations .

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