Australia was one of the biggest consumers of asbestos per capita in the world between the 1940’s and the early 2000’s . It was cheap,lightweight,strong,chemical resistant, waterproof, fire resistant, electrically inert and could be woven into a cloth or moulded into any shape . It was called the product with thousands of uses.

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Asbestos was used in nearly every part of homes sometimes only the frame is the only part of a home that had no asbestos in it . And if left alone it’s harmless but when renovations are undertaken in homes you need an expert asbestos removal company like us to come in .
The best practice is to remove whole sheets if possible but many times we have to remove the whole wall lining from corner to corner. Simple things like moving a doorway or getting rid of a wall sconce will usually require the total removal of the wall in a room or rooms .
You really need a asbestos removal specialist with specialised asbestos removal equipment and procedures if you are having asbestos removed in your family home . It’s not a job for a homeowner or a handyman and most builders don’t carry the correct insurance to cover you if the worse thing happens , your family home gets contaminated .
Asbestos fibres are microscopic and only highly trained professional asbestos removal companies should be trusted to carry out this work.