Large scale impacted asbestos soil removal is one of the many services we offer . Our latest project involved us providing asbestos compliance and supervision for one of the biggest asbestos impacted soil removal jobs on the Gold Coast . The task was to safely remove 23000 cubic meters of asbestos impacted soil for construction of the Gold Coast Airport Instrument Landing System.

Our client had a special site with alot of environmental and security conditions placed on it by the Gold Coast Airport Corporation , they really needed to keep control of the site and this is where we come in . All of the other asbestos removal companies they consulted wanted to take over the site totally , being an international airport this was problematic for my client.

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Our procedures and policies allowed for us to “plug into ” their system they were able to maintain full control of the site and have full compliance with all state and federal asbestos removal legislation . This allowed the job to run smoothly and enabled out client to maintain control of profits and compliance .

Having Coastal Asbestos Removal onsite as the “in house ” asbestos experts supplying air monitoring, supervision and all compliant paperwork allowed our customer to focus on what they best safe in the knowledge that the site was safe and compliant.

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The challenge involved in having a safe and compliant workplace which would allow a uninterrupted workflow ensuring happy clients, safe workers and environmental safeguards in place and maximum profits achieved . Our “plug in system” includes onsite asbestos awareness training , pre works site assessment and ongoing air monitoring, site safety and the supply of decontamination and clearance certificates for all vehichiels and plant used in the removal of asbestos impacted soils and a final site clearance.

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