We were on Tv In the current season of OUR HOUSE RULES !

We are no strangers to innovation at Coastal Asbestos Removal and have built a reputation on creating solutions,for asbestos removal projects that require a bit of lateral thinking.The kind of thinking that comes from a intimate understanding of the rules and regulations, and over 20 years of experience in the industry and continual self development .

When we were contacted by Symcorp Building services to be involved in the current series of Our House Rules there were 2 conditions

  1. We had to remove the asbestos linings from two bathrooms and the laundry safely and within the current workplace health and safety regulations .
  2. We had to ensure the workflow of the project was not going to be interrupted by us this was not negotiable.

Number 1

This was easy it’s our day to day systems and procedures that ensure this , except for the golden rule and that is Nobody can be onsite while we work . If you have ever seen these reno shows there can be up to 50 people onsite so for us having to work around this posed a few challenges . We are well versed in removing asbestos in sensitive environments because we are regularly called to Pindarra Private hospital to remove asbestos for renovations ,they always let us shut down the rooms either side of where we are working so we have plenty of room to set up . That would have been nice .

Number 2

Always up for a challenge we met with the producers of the show Chris from Symcorp and the onsite safety consultant and pitched our plan . A plan that kept 50 people safe amongst the chaos of a renovation TV show, while we removed 1.5 tonnes of asbestos from 3 rooms on two levels of the home.Then get it out to our custom built trailer for transport. All without slowing down the workflow simple! Did I mention that it was about 35 degree that day and 100% humidity managing hydration and heat stress was just thrown in for good measure.The whole thing took 7 men 5 hours to complete ,with myself on watch outside the work area just to make sure nobody’s safety was compromised. The onsite safety consultant was carefully looking over our whole operation ready to step in and close the job down if he believed there were any safety concerns.

I was really impressed by the producers of the show through the whole process, they took the time to go through how the show worked with the whole team of tradies and stressed the importance of discretion. Highlighting the fact that in years of producing the Our House Rules show they had never made a tradie look stupid, or in any way devalued the contribution or expertise of tradesman and women brought to their show . It was a real pressure cooker situation the went seamlessly . The experience has given me a whole different appreciation for reality tv and the poor contestants that are so far out of their comfort zones .