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An asbestos tax on new building products

The head of the Australian Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Peter Tighe has suggested that a tax on new building products “something less than 1% “should be imposed to incentivise Australian homeowners to remove deadly asbestos from their family homes.

With the rise of renovation shows fuelling on of Australia’s favourite pastimes, home renovation. Comes an alarming third wave of asbestos related disease seen in home renovators. Asbestos related disease is on the rise and every year it claims 4000 lives much higher than even the road toll. The new tax is aimed squarely at turning the tide of the third wave of asbestos related disease in Australia.

Asbestos was used in Australian homes from the early 1940’s right up to its ban in 1985 . Worksafe Australia state that asbestos is likely to be found in homes built into the early 1990’s as many builders held on to stocks until they ran out instead of disposing them as required.

The only way to know 100% weather you have asbestos products in your family home is to have your home inspected and have an asbestos report compiled ,and any suspect products have them them tested in a Nationally Accredited Laboratory . Coastal Asbestos Removal are your local experts that can come over and harvest a sample for asbestos testing and later safe asbestos removal if required .