We get asked this a lot, and there is no straight answer. I know what you are thinking here we go again the old “ how long is a piece of string “ argument. Well, you are not going to be disappointed when I say yes, its true it all depends on a few key factors. Coastal Asbestos Removal strives to achieve the very best outcomes for our clients. We are constantly improving our processes and procedures to ensure our clients get the very best we can offer them in service, safety, delivery and pricing.

Every site is different; access is a key factor for us it could be an asbestos bathroom removal, asbestos roof removal, asbestos fence removal they all have different factors like weigh and access they are the key factors for us. That is why we always recommend a site meeting for every job so we can tailor the job to suit your specific needs.

Weight ads cost because we pay by weight at the registered waste facility this is a cost that is totally out of our control. We are at the mercy of the waste facility operators. Next year in Queensland the State Government is imposing a waste levy that will double the cost of some jobs. It is something we are fighting, we see no benefit to the community, and believe it will result in a spike in Ilegal dumping.

Engaging, credible specialist asbestos removal businesses is the very best way to protect the environment. Surely you don’t want the asbestos from your fence to end up in the bush dumped illegally to save a few bucks? Because we all pay for this, in the long run, Queensland councils spent eleven million dollars on cleaning up illegally dumped asbestos last year, you and I pay for this both financially and thru increased health risks.

Acess directly affects cost because of labour; it just takes longer to complete even the simplest job. Access varies from job to job things like multi-story homes; high-rise buildings can add time to the asbestos removal process. We are constantly looking for efficiencies the introduction of mini excavators for asbestos fence removal has been a huge win for our customers; our tipper trailer has been great, it gets into really tight spaces and allows us to get so much closer than skips ever would. The adoption of cloud-based job management systems has allowed us to slash admin costs improving communication and the amount of information like, photos, video and even hand-drawn sketches which give us an incredible amount of information about each job.

So to answer the number question “How much does it cost to get asbestos removal done at my place “ our response is “ How about we come to the site and meet with you so we can give you the very best price we can to suit your needs“. We love coming out to site and meeting customers. It’s one of the foundations we have built our business on. A great customer experience.