Australia was the biggest per capita users of asbestos in the world. This means Australia has a huge deadly asbestos legacy. A legacy that will remain for many years to come and ensuring the job security of asbestos experts well into the future and that asbestos will remain a part of every major infrastructure upgrade in Australia for generations to come.

Asbestos was used underground for the same reasons as above ground. Asbestos is strong, cheap, chemically inert. It became the go-to material and heavily favoured by civil companies and utility and service providers for these very reasons. To name a few asbestos pipes were extensively used for sewers, water, drainage.

The modern plant and equipment operator is in the frontline and asbestos awareness training is becoming more and more requested especially by tier one businesses. Asbestos awareness training for the machine and plant operators is readily available online or can be delivered in a group setting.

Coastal Asbestos is offering a specific asbestos awareness training program for the civil industry asbestos can be found in just about anything that was used in the past things like Telstra pits, water mains, electrical conduits and many many more applications. Having a civil specific course designed with machine operators provides the highest level of safety on site.

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