In 2012 a man was tragically killed and five other people were injured when a cantilevered awning collapsed in Burleigh on the Gold Coast. The subsequent investigation into the awning collapse by The Queensland Coroner and Queensland Workplace Health and Safety revealed that the dyna bolts for the frame of the awning that was attached to a cantilevered concrete beam failed. Over time the dyna bolts had become rusted and failed the awning which was origionally built in the 1970’s like tens of thousands of others in Queensland revealed a ticking time bomb.

The Coroner James Mc Dougall called for an urgent safety inspection of every building awning over public foot paths in response, and stated that the Gold Coast community was at “significant risk”. In response The Gold Coast Council has been issuing directives to have every cantilever awning on the Gold Coast inspected by engineers to ensure public safety.

Many of these awnings have asbestos linings and, asbestos awning removal has become a part of our business on the Gold Coast. Asbestos awning removal is one of the jobs we love to do because we are helping to keep the community safe. Removing the asbestos linings from these shop awnings is a very involved process.

Keeping people safe is what we do best at Coastal Asbestos and in the case of asbestos shop awning removal there are a lot of things to factor when taking on a job of this importance. You need to take into consideration a traffic management plans, outside hours work permits, foot path closures, Road closures, relocation of services, engineers, temporary site fencing, asbestos removal authorisation, permits to work in the close vicinity of the light rail to name a few. It’s all in the name of public safety that’s why we are the experts when it comes to asbestos awning removal.

By choosing Coastal Asbestos Removal for your next asbestos awning removal you are gaining all of our years of experience in asbestos removal and the technical knowledge to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch. We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and budget with out any interruption to workflow and more importantly keeping everybody safe.