Asbestos was used for all sorts of products and just like just about every sector of construction asbestos was also used quite readily in caravans and food trucks built befor 1990 in Australia Asbestos was mainly used in caravans and food trucks for all the reasons why it was used everywhere else it was lightweight, fire proof, a great insulator, flexible, readily available and cheap.

All the properties caravan and food truck builders were looking for caravan and food truck owners were also looking for the same things in caravans it was a match made in hell unfortunately nobody was aware how deadly asbestos is.

Asbestos made its way into caravans primarily because standard building practices were used in the construction of caravans and food trucks , they had power, plumbing, internal frames and linings, insulation, windows in reality they were little houses and so were built to resemble family homes as much as possible inside.

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So where was asbestos found in caravans and food trucks ?

Vinyl asbestos floor tiles.In electrical components like flash guards in fuses.Asbestos backed linoAsbestos was mixed in the mastic on windowsAsbestos break padsGluesBody deadenerLaminates

So, what happens next? Just like all other “buildings” we suggest getting a pre-purchase inspection before you buy a dream renovator calling in asbestos experts and getting lab tests of suspected asbestos can save lives and help you make informed decisions about asbestos and asbestos removal in caravans. Call us we can help.