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Low density board or LDB or sometimes known as AIB ( asbestos insulating board ) was used in homes from the 1950’s right up to the early 1970’s . It was either a flat sheet or a perforated sheet that was used for sound proofing . I is a type of asbestos sheeting that was made up of a silicate plaster and up to 70% asbestos as opposed to cement sheeting which generally contains 10 % asbestos .

Some common brand names used for LDB are Asbestolux and Duralux not to be confused with Tilux which is a laminated version of asbestos cement sheeting .Be careful sometimes the label is not on this type of sheeting and this does not mean it is not LDB exercising caution and laboratory testing is still the best way to keep your family safe.

A highly trained and experienced asbestos expert can tell by a few tell tale signs weather sheeting is LDB or standard cement sheeting .Like all asbestos sheeting a B Class asbestos removal licence at a minimum is required to remove more than 10 square meters of non friable asbestos in Queensland .

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Just like any asbestos products around the home there is no risk to your family as long as the sheeting is not damaged in any way . No sanding, water blasting , drilling or use of grinders is permitted of and asbestos products especially LDB. Precaution need to be taken at all times when working near LDB and we recommend calling an asbesto expert in to asses the risks befor work commenses.