66c452 1d4eb3bbb3244099a12bd79ab9f6d193~mv2 - 15 Products you won’t believe asbestos was used in!

Asbestos was one of the most durable products known to man it’s a natural mineral that is mined for use around the world places like America, Russia, Africa, Canada, Brazil and Kazakhstan and Australia. Australia was the one of the biggest consumers of asbestos in the world per capita of the population and as a result Australia has a deadly asbestos legacy.

The word asbestos is derived from the Greek meaning inextinguishable or indestructible. Asbestos was known as the “Miracle mineral” and “The product that had a thousand uses” and it was used in over 3500 products. Some of the products that asbestos was found in you would never believe here is a short list.

Talc powderCosmeticsThe filters in cigarettesThe filters of gas masksLino flooringBakelite goodsFresh water pipesPutty for windowsCarpet underlayClothingCrayonsStipple compound for decorative ceilingsSpecialty paperFake snowAdhesives

Asbestos is banned or restricted in the following countries as of October 2018 !


South Africa,Austria,Estonia,Japan,New Caledonia,Spain
Bahrain,Finland,Jordan,New Zealand,Sweden,Belgium,France
Korea (South),Norway,Switzerland,Brazil,Gabon,Kuwait,Oman
Gibraltar,Liechtenstein,Portugal,United Kingdom
Macedonia,Saudi Arabia,Cyprus,Iceland,Malta
Serbia,Czech Republic,Iraq,Mauritius,Seychelles