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Asbestos fence removal is definitely not a DIY project.

Asbestos was used heavily in Australia from 1945 right up until its total ban in 1985 in the building and construction industry. Asbestos was used in over three thousand products so it should be no surprise it found its way into fencing products .

Especially because of its durability and fire resistance asbestos was perfect for use in the fencing industry in Australia. There are a few things you may be surprised to know about asbestos fencing products around your family home.

  1. Asbestos fencing was typically buried in the ground at least 500mm ( Half a meter ) the easiest and fastest way to remove this is with an excavator. Getting an excavator into your backyard may be easier than you think, there is a whole range of mini excavators available now. Some small enough to be driven through your front door!
  2. Unpainted asbestos fences are Dangerous! These fences were installed over 50 years ago in some places, and the elements have worn them down, and they are now continually releasing deadly asbestos fibres into the environment.
  3. Asbestos fencing comes in three main types, buried, post and rail, and woven. The last two are typically nailed or screwed to a timber sub frame.
  4. Asbestos fence removal is way above the limits of DIY enthusiasts most fences weigh around 2000 kg when removed and require careful planning control measures in place before works start. It’s a job for asbestos experts.
  5. When an asbestos fence is part of pool fencing, the pool fencing laws still apply. We get a lot of people who believe “it will be ok. It’s just overnight.” Its never going to be a good defence if there is a drowning. The Law requires temporary poll fencing in Queensland.

Just like any asbestos removal job, asbestos fence removal must only be safely removed by asbestos removal professionals. Transporting asbestos fencing in Queensland requires specialist licences and insurances. Your typical motor insurance will not cover you for an asbestos-related claim. Asbestos transport is the job of specialised contractors with the corrects equipment and knowledge to transport asbestos safely to registered waste facilities.

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