66c452 1ddf4a52c34342cfac008e16d48673d8~mv2 - The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and Asbestos licensing, What you need to know.

In Queensland the building and construction industry is regulated and licensed by the QBCC it is a Queensland government business set up to be the watchdog of the industry. It is designed to give consumers a level of protection from unscrupulous and unqualified people and business operating in the industry.

One other focus they have is on making sure everybody who is qualified and licensed has protection under the QBCC act. Mostly these powers are to do with the security of payments, dispute resolution and construction law.

They are often putting warnings out about asbestos which is great to see the QBCC talking about asbestos, even though asbestos removal is not regulated by them. The QBCC doesn’t consider asbestos removal as building work and have no licensing requirements for asbestos removal companies.

This sounds a bit strange They have many other licensing gaps that are taken up by other government agencies.

Asbestos removal is licensed and regulated by the Department of justice and Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland.

In Queensland you are required to hold an A class or B class licence for your business as well as a personal qualification, you can’t operate just on personal qualifications. This is really important to note many people are trying to say things like:

“I have a tiler’s license it covers me for asbestos removal. “
“I have a builder’s license it covers me for asbestos removal. “
“I have my asbestos ticket; I can remove asbestos for you “
I have a QBCC license asbestos removal is included in it we did it a tafe”

None of these is correct and often this is what the Cowboys will tell you to trick you into thinking that they can be trusted

There is no penalty for homeowners for hiring unlicensed asbestos businesses in saying this it is important to remember why you contacted somebody else to remove asbestos from your family home , Keeping your family safe should be your number one concern .

In Queensland a builder cnd engage an asbestos removal company, you are required by law to check not only qualifications but licensing of asbestos removal companies you engage for removal work and reporting ,heavy fines apply for failure to check the credentials of asbestos removal companies for builders in Queensland . Reputable operators will be able to supply you with copies of qualifications, licenses and insurances just like any other reputable tradesman.

To recap

You can only trust an asbestos removal expert to remove asbestos in your family home!
A QBCC licence does not cover asbestos removal !
You are not required to hold a QBCC licence to remove asbestos in Queensland!
You do need an asbestos ticket and an asbestos removal business licence to remove asbestos in Queensland!
You do not need a trades qualification to remove asbestos in Queensland you do require an asbestos removal qualification and an asbestos business license!
A builders license does not cover for asbestos removal!