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Asbestos and house moving the ultimate guide! You have just found that perfect old renovator but it’s not on your block of land, so you have you dream house that is not on your dream block. In fact, its 100’s of kilometres away from where your block of land is. What are you going to do? You think, no problems get a house mover, easy. Maybe there might be a few issues with asbestos and house moving you weren’t aware of; I am here to help! Not so fast what about the asbestos? Yes, that’s right asbestos! Asbestos can be just about anywhere in older homes built before 1990 in Australia, not just houses either all buildings including relocatable buildings like dongers, classrooms , toilet blocks and offices just to name a few . You can have asbestos eaves , asbestos flooring, asbestos walls , asbestos ceilings, asbestos roofing, asbestos guttering, asbestos down pipes , asbestos metre boards it can be anywhere. If you were to leave the home on its original block no problems providing the asbestos is in good condition getting an asbestos pre purchase inspection is always worth the money before you buy a house built before 1990. Moving a home with asbestos linings is a whole other proposition and there are many local and state laws and regulations that must be satisfied. In fact, some local councils will not allow a house that contains asbestos into its boundaries. The councils that prohibit the movement of asbestos containing homes to be transported through its boundaries will insist on a clearance certificate. You will have to have the asbestos removed professionally to obtain a clearance certificate in this case. Some do some don’t it will be documented in the transport plan so there is no getting around this. Imagine being turned back by any number of local councils the house will be transported thru on its journey to your dream block of land. It is something you really can’t afford to get wrong. Then there is the state government regulations regarding the transport of asbestos and the environmental permits required for this to lawfully take place once you have this regulated waste licence you will want to ensure you have the correct asbestos specific insurances just encase something goes wrong during the move . Moving asbestos across state borders requires a whole other set of documents to be submitted and approved. Our advice is to have the asbestos professionally removed a clearance certificate issued and happy days. Below is an easy checklist to guide you thru the process. 1 Get it inspected to see if there is any asbestos likely in the home. 2 Get it tested to make sure you are 100% right 3 Get it removed by a reputable company If asbestos is found. 4 Get a clearance certificate and keep it handy. It’s easy when you know how a few things to check if you have found that you can move a house with asbestos to another block in your area. 1 Ask your house mover if they have an asbestos transport licence. 2 Ask your house mover if they have asbestos special publicity liability insurance in case something goes wrong 3 Ask your house mover if they have asbestos specific professional liability insurance just in case

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they give you the wrong advice and problems arise. The big lesson is asbestos should only be handled by professionals it’s not for cowboys with bargain pricing, and a she’ll be right attitude. If you have any further questions call the office on 0755703706 between 9 and 4 Monday to Friday.