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If you are renovating a home built before 1990 in Southport you will have asbestos that will need to be romoved call the experts today !Southport is a really up-and-coming for renovations, especially since the Light Rail has been through. There’s an increasing number of knockdowns but nonetheless people are still renovating. A lot of older homes are in Southport and many homes in Southport are lined inside and out with asbestos.

Last year a hail storm went through Southport and there has been hundreds of asbestos roof removals in Southport as a result. Almost every asbestos roof has been replaced under insurance. Asbestos fences in Southport are what we are seeing a lot of, and now the asbestos fence removal in Southport has become more of a search term than before.

There was a lot of asbestos bathrooms being removed in Southport as well, because all of the asbestos removal in the area there is due mainly to the hail storm. There is a heightened awareness of asbestos in Southport at the time, so now jobs to be done in Southport are asbestos [inaudible 00:00:56] for commercial properties, asbestos from off pipe removal as part of the 2018 Commonwealth games, right expanses, and within the renovation soon are asbestos bathrooms being removed weekly.

Other jobs we’ve done is some really big commercial jobs in Southport in the Southport Mall, which poses another challenge for us. We’ve really become commercial asbestos removal experts because of the amount of work we’ve actually done in Scarborough Street and the Southport Mall. Jobs like the removal of the asbestos Vinyl tiles in the old Heritage Bank Building , Asbestos wall and ceiling linings in the old Southport Bakery , some asbestos re roofs on the professionals real estate in the mall and many bathroom renovations a fences in the greater Southport area.

Some of the asbestos related services we offer in Southport are

  • Asbestos reports
  • Asbestos roof remova
  • Asbestos fence removal
  • Asbestos transport
  • Asbestos bathroom removal
  • Asbestos cladding removal
  • Asbestos commercial reports and registers
  • Asbestos wall removal
  • Asbestos ceiling removal
  • Asbestos eave removals
  • Asbestos pipe removal
  • Asbestos contaminated soil removal
  • Air monitoring
  • Asbestos testing

If you need an asbestos expert in Southport call the office on 0755703706 to book in an inspection for a quotation today! Or call into our office at 2/54 Newheath Drive Arundel QLD 4214 e mail