We set out to build the best asbestos removal business on the Gold Coast and in 2019 we won a small business excellence award in, The Gold Coast Business Excellence awards we feel like we had received some hard-earned recognition for all the hard work our team put in over the years it was an award for them It’s a dirty job and we believe they are the very best at what they do . We have one of those jobs like a fireman or a police officer the job not many people are prepared to do and are glad that there are people out there prepared to keep them safe.

So why asbestos removal Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is our home its where we live and have chosen to raise our family and start this business. After 20 years as a roof plumber, we had just had enough of roofing we were done. A career that saw us involved in so many different projects from installing patio roofs on top of high rises up to working on the roof or Robina town centre when it was being built. We were well known for our ability to solve complex problems and were sought after for our skills in fixing roof leaks. We worked for a lot of Iconic Gold Coast Businesses St Hildas school, The Southport School, The Bruce Lynton Group BMW, Range Rover, Mini , Billabong, Rix Developments, Stockland shopping centres, The Cecil Hotel in Southport and many more businesses on the Gold Coast.

After 20 years of roofing, we had enough of roofing and needed a new challenge we needed a new WHY a new reason to attack the day. We had a look at all of the work we had done and decided that asbestos removal was the most fulfilling for us, that keeping people safe was more important to us than keeping them dry. With that one word, we built a business based on keeping people safe. Every decision we make in the business is based on “Keeping people safe” it’s what we do.

We have specialised in asbestos removal to allow us to really develop our skills to provide the very best asbestos removal on the Gold Coast so whether it be.

  • Asbestos reports
  • Asbestos roof removal

  • Asbestos fence removal

  • Asbestos transport

  • Asbestos bathroom removal

  • Asbestos cladding removal

  • Asbestos commercial reports and registers

  • Asbestos wall removal

  • Asbestos ceiling removal

  • Asbestos eave removals

  • Asbestos pipe removal

  • Asbestos contaminated soil removal

  • Asbestos testing

  • Air monitoring

  • Asbestos assessments

  • Asbestos decontamination

  • Asbestos guttering removal

  • Asbestos downpipe removal

  • Asbestos flooring removal

If you need an asbestos expert on The Gold Coast call the office on 07 55 703706 to book in an inspection for a quotation today! Or call into our office at 2/54 Newheath Drive Arundel QLD 4214

email admin@coastalasbestos.com.au