Many homes and commercial buildings in Australia have asbestos roofing. It was a standard roofing material for many reasons right up till 1985, when The Australian government banned the use of asbestos in the housing and construction industry. Work safe Australia believes there were asbestos roofs still being installed as late as 1990. The excellent news about asbestos roofs is that they are easy to spot to the trained professional.

What is the lifespan of an asbestos roof?
Builders and homeowners favoured asbestos roofing products because of their long lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Like all building products, you must maintain them, especially roofs. The harsh Australian climate punishes everything, and asbestos roofs are no exception. Burning sun, hail, and storms all play a massive role in making asbestos roofs dangerous and shortening their lifespan hail. It’s time to replace your asbestos roof!

When should we replace our asbestos roof?
The simple answer is NOW. Asbestos roof removal, and new roof replacement is not getting any cheaper. We see climbing waste levy for asbestos dumping, rising labour prices, and increases in new roofing materials skyrocket. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you; trying to get a few more years out of your asbestos roof is a false economy. There is always a surge of asbestos roof replacements between December and March because of storms when people start panicking about their roof and the approaching storm season. It is always better to plan your asbestos roof removal at any other time of the year because there is always a shortage of skilled trades due to storm season.

What are the benefits of replacing my asbestos roof?
Asbestos roofs are dangerous because they are continually releasing asbestos fibres both from the rooftop and inside the roof cavity. Once an asbestos roof is removed by a qualified professional, your family home is safer.
Asbestos was heavily favoured for roofing because it was seen back in the day as being thermally efficient. We have a much higher standard for thermal efficiency today asbestos roofing would not pass current energy rating standards for construction. There is likely no insulation under it, making your home hotter in summer and colder in winter, costing you more in heating and cooling costs. It costs you a fortune to keep your asbestos roof!
It’s just ugly and off-putting to potential buyers; a roof on a house is 30% of the street appeal, and having an old dangerous asbestos roof can dramatically reduce the value of your home and its saleability. Many new buyers will use the fact that the house has an asbestos roof that needs replacing as a bargaining chip to reduce the price up to as much as thirty to forty thousand dollars.

In Summary:

  • Asbestos roofs are dangerous.
  • Asbestos roofs are way past their lifespan.
  • Asbestos roofs are costing you a fortune.
  • Only qualified professionals should be engaged to remove asbestos roofs.
  • The best time of the year to plan an asbestos roof is between April to October.

If you need an asbestos roof removed, get in contact with the office today!

The ultimate guide to replacing your asbestos roof bottom - The ultimate guide to replacing your asbestos roof!