Asbestos testing is about knowing 100% weather you have Asbestos or not and if you do, knowing weather it is friable or non-friable it can be the difference in thousands of dollars in the costs of removal. This ultimate guide is designed to help you make an informed decision about whether asbestos testing is going to deliver the certainty you need.

Asbestos products have been in use in buildings since the 1800’s mainly for fire proofing in commercial buildings it wasn’t until the 1920’s when the first cement based asbestos products were manufactured in Australia and they found their way into housing construction in the 1940’s

Asbestos was commonly used in the building and construction industry until it’s total ban in 1985 and The Australian Government Department of Health recommends treating any building built before 1990 as suspicious because builders were running out stocks of asbestos sheeting well after the ban.

Asbestos can be lurking anywhere in these homes and with older homes that predate asbestos they quite often have had many renovations during the asbestos era. The good news is we can safely test for Asbestos in a NATA laboratory.

Asbestos testing requires the location and harvesting of a sample of suspected Asbestos. Without knowing the correct safe harvesting method, you can be putting yourself at risk, and many not harvest enough of a sample for testing. It’s definitely not recommended by Coastal Asbestos to attempt such a risky undertaking, especially when we have highly skilled technicians trained in the identification, harvesting and the correct documentation procedures required by the laboratory.

Asbestos testing FAQ

It sounds expensive do I really need it?

The prepurchase stage of buying a home is a great time to get some testing and an audit completed. Asbestos testing can save you from buying an asbestos money pit.

Is it important to get testing done before a renovation?

Most reputable builders will insist on asbestos testing before demo works are carried out because Asbestos can be lurking anywhere in older homes.

A lot of companies online are saying we can post them the results. Is this even legal?

No, it’s illegal to send Asbestos through the post. Australia post classifies Asbestos as a Class 9 Hazardous product, and it cannot be sent by mail. It’s illegal and reckless, and it puts everyone in the postal network at risk.

Can anybody test for Asbestos?

Absolutely not NATA laboratory testing is the only form of asbestos testing recognised in Queensland. All other methods, including handheld infrared analysers, are not recognised by Queensland Health, local councils, courts, reputable asbestos removal companies.

What’s NATA laboratory testing, and how do they test?

The two main methods of testing for Asbestos in A NATA laboratory are.

Polarised light microscopy (PLM)

Dispersion Staining (DS) techniques

NATA stands for National Association of Testing Authorities and has been the leading accreditation for over 70 years. It offers accreditation for many internationally recognised standards and the only way to know if your results have been tested in an accredited lab.

Can I do a sample myself?

There is no safe level of exposure of Asbestos, and untrained persons should never mess with Asbestos.

What can go wrong with asbestos testing?

When testing Asbestos, it’s required that a sample must be removed from a part of a building this often requires breaking the sheet and them sealing it , if you are reckless and damage some friable asbestos sheeting you can release millions of asbestos fibres into your home and if the sheet is not sealed properly after a sample is harvested this remains hazardous ,it’s definitely a job for trained professionals .

How do I get the information?

Because we only use NATA laboratories you will get a certificate of analysis e mailed to you it will show the location of the test and weather it is positive or negative, the type of Asbestos and information on whether it is friable or non-friable.

How long am I going to have to wait for my results?

We can get you same-day results if we can get to the laboratory by noon.

Why choose Coastal Asbestos?

Coastal Asbestos only uses NATA accredited laboratories and is the trusted name in Asbestos on the Gold Coast. Jason Spaull, our director, has over 25 years’ experience with asbestos removal and has been involved in thousands of asbestos removal projects. Coastal Asbestos have even won a Workplace health and safety excellence award and a Gold Coast Business excellence award.

We are the number one professional asbestos company on the Gold Coast that is proud of its track record for excellence. Our mission is to eradicate Asbestos-related disease in Australia. We do this by educating the public and always striving to improve our methods therefore we are the trusted name in Asbestos you have been looking for. We have a 4018 accredited Safety management system.

  • We don’t illegally post samples!
  • We are highly trained how to safely harvest samples.
  • We don’t use unrecognised testing methods.
  • We have over 25 years’ experience dealing with Asbestos.
  • We have processed thousands of samples.
  • We are a multi-award-winning business.
  • We are accredited 4018 Safety management system.
  • We will supply you with a laboratory certificate of analysis.
  • We can give you quotes quickly because we are aware of your needs.
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