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Asbestos Compliance Program for Domestic Rental Properties

Let us help you with your asbestos compliance obligations

Coastal Asbestos offers a free asbestos compliance program for all managing agents of domestic rental properties. This program will protect your company and staff from the dangers of asbestos contamination and possible litigation.


Our program offers you peace of mind when it comes to your asbestos compliance obligations. There is absolutely no cost to your business. The only cost is to the owners of the properties who will be charged $220 for an asbestos inspection by one of our fully licensed and insured inspectors. We will supply to you a detailed report on each of your properties, which clearly shows you where asbestos is located within the property. This report will be in pdf form so it is easy for you to keep on hand in case there is an incident where there is damage done to a property. Having these reports done provides you with an easy to read report to protect you, your staff, your tenants, and any trades people you send to the property against the dangers of being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres. Consider this, if there is damage to one of the properties you manage and you have no asbestos register on the property how are you to know you are not walking into what could be a very dangerous situation, or sending trades people in to do work in an environment where they may be contaminated with deadly asbestos fibres. We will also supply free of charge to your business an Asbestos Management Plan. This plan is a detailed response plan on exactly what to do if there is damage to a property and as a result of this damage there is asbestos contamination. Your Asbestos Management Plan will be given to you in a folder so it is on hand when you need it. It will be easy to read and have easy directions for you and your staff to follow in case of any asbestos contamination. This is invaluable to the safety of you, your staff and tenants. By working with Coastal Asbestos and being a part of our Compliance Program we will also let you know when each and every one of your properties is due to be inspected and provide you with an updated report on the property. The only cost again will be the cost of the inspection by the owner of the property. We recommend all reports to be done every 3 years or when the lease is up and before new tenants move in. Let us do all the hard work for you. Let us take the risk out of asbestos for you.

Inspection and Report

Know exactly where asbestos is located in all properties you manage. Never walk into a damaged home not knowing and be contaminated with deadly asbestos

Detailed reports will show you exactly where asbestos is located in the property. Do not take the risk, asbestos is deadly and should be taken very seriously

Asbestos Management Plan

Protect your staff and tenants

A detailed easy to follow asbestos management plan will be provided to you. Your staff will have a detailed response to any form of asbestos contamination. Protect everybody from the deadly risk of asbestos.

We will keep you updated

Notice when inspections are due

We will keep you up to date when a property is due for inspection. We recommend all properties are inspected every 3 years or when a lease is up or tenants are moving on. Let us take the guess work out of asbestos for you.

Get protected

Call us today and become a part of our asbestos compliance program

Being a part of our asbestos compliance program will give you the protection and peace of mind that you need. Be informed. Be prepared. Be kept up to date. Call us today on 07 55703706.

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