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Asbestos Reports & Inspections

Are you interested in working with a professional Asbestos Removal Service? We can conduct an inspection of your home or business and provide you with a detailed report that will show you where Asbestos is located within the property.

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Asbestos Reports & Inspections

At Coastal Asbestos we believe when it comes to asbestos you need to be informed and prepared. Worksafe Australia suggest that 90% of homes built before 1990 will contain asbestos. Asbestos is most likely to have been used in roofing, flooring, guttering, internal wall and ceiling linings, eaves, vent pipes, sewer breathe surrounds, floor coverings, fencing, external cladding, electrical meter boxes and even in swimming pools. We have trained inspectors who will come to your home and carry out a full inspection for you. We will then give you a detailed Asbestos Report clearly showing you where asbestos is likely to be. Our inspectors have years of experience in Asbestos Removal, we also have access to laboratories that can test any samples we take to give us a 100% test result for the presence of Asbestos in anything.

If you are thinking of doing any renovations to your home it is very important to have an Asbestos Inspection and Report done so you are fully aware of where there is asbestos present, and more importantly any tradespeople you are employing are fully aware of where there is asbestos present. For as little as $350 (+GST), we can provide you with the documentation to ensure that all asbestos in your property is clearly identified. The initial inspection is non destructive, so no damage is done to your property. All our inspectors are qualified asbestos professionals that have years of experience in the industry.

At Coastal Asbestos, we do whatever it takes to keep our clients satisfied. Our work is an important source of pride for us. As a service provider committed to client satisfaction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you hire us. Choose quality. Choose Coastal Asbestos. Call us today on 07 55703706 to arrange an inspection on your home. Or use our online booking form to make a booking today. Coastal Asbestos is here to help you with all of your asbestos removal needs. We provide comprehensive Asbestos Inspections in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Be informed and prepared.

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Managing residential rental properties

Do you know what your responsibilities are when managing a property that contains asbestos?

Asbestos reports for residential rental properties will provide safety for managing agents, tradesmen and tenants. These asbestos reports can be an important part of the agencies safety obligations. Under workplace health and safety laws, employers have a responsibility to employees, this includes inspections of rental properties by managing agents. Having an asbestos report done will provide you with a detailed report of where asbestos may be in the building you are managing. agents should have an inspection and report carried out on all properties they are managing to protect their staff, tenants and any tradesmen they hire to work on the property from the dangers of asbestos.

Consider the possibility that you as a managing agent may have to enter a contaminated home. The benefits of having a detailed easy to read asbestos report as part of the workplace safety management documentation for the business is invaluable. It is so important to protect yourself, tradesmen and tenants from the dangers of asbestos contamination when damage is done to a property you manage.Having an asbestos report and management plan in place will minimise the risk of further spread of deadly asbestos fires throughout the property. Accidents happen, we all know that, not having the correct procedures in place to keep people and property safe is no accident.

Coastal Asbestos can conduct full inspections on all of your rental properties and provide you with a detailed asbestos report containing photos and showing you exactly where asbestos is located in the property. For as little as $350 (+GST) you will have peace of mind. Contact us today on 07 55703706 to have all of your asbestos questions answered, and get covered today. We are here to help you with all of you asbestos removal needs.

Coastal Asbestos have a program designed to protect real estate agents, tenants and trades against the dangers of being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres. This program is a free Asbestos Control and Management Plan for real estate agents and property managers. By implementing this system asbestos inspections reports are done for each and every property on the rent roll that was or is suspected to be built before 1990. We encourage you to look at our program to protect your staff, tenants and trades against asbestos contamination. This program will also protect you against possible legal action from tenants as a result of asbestos contamination and possible fines for non-compliance.


This program is free to all managing agents.

What is included in the program:

  • Inspections on all properties built before 1990 by qualified asbestos inspectors.
  • Detailed reports showing you exactly where asbestos is located within each property. $350 (+GST) cost per report, per property to be paid by owner of the property.
  • Sample letters for you to give to owners, tenants and trades informing them of the new asbestos management program being implemented.
  • An information session for your office outlining the program and how it will be facilitated.
  • A bound copy of an agency specific Asbestos Control and Management plan (valued at $700) for your office.
  • Pdf copies of each property report which can be attached with any work orders you send out, keeping all trades aware of asbestos location.
  • You will be notified by email when a property is due for inspection.

Are you aware that there are cases where agents have been fined a portion of fines for non-compliance? These fines can equal $100,000’s of dollars. Protect yourself today and Call Coastal Asbestos on 07 55703706.

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Pre-purchase Inspections for Home Owners

We can save you $1000’s in hidden costs…

If you are purchasing a property it is very important to have an Asbestos Inspection done prior to settlement, as the cost of asbestos removal can add thousands of dollars to any works planned for your new home. For example, some homeowners have found themselves with expenses of $20,000-$30,000 over what they had assumed. Our Asbestos Reports can potentially save you thousands. You need to be fully aware of what you are purchasing and what your out of pocket expenses will be prior to settlement. Being aware of the location of Friable Asbestos, which can be up to 10 times more expensive to remove than Non Friable Asbestos, can help make you more informed on your purchase.

Our inspectors will do a full inspection on the property and alert you to any likely asbestos within the property. The Asbestos Report you receive is a full colour report containing photos of where asbestos is likely to be in your home, and a budget estimate for the cost of the asbestos removal. Having this report done will keep you fully aware of the presence of asbestos and the extra costs that may be involved in planned renovations of the property if the asbestos needs to be removed. Any home built before 1990 may contain asbestos. It is very important to be fully aware of where and if there is any asbestos present in the building.

For as little as $350 (+GST) you will have peace of mind. Call us today on 07 55703706 to book an inspection. We’re committed to fostering beneficial and long lasting relationships with our clients by always striving to be the best asbestos service company we can. While the particular needs of our clients may vary, our experienced team never fails to get the job done right.

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Managing Agents and Asbestos

Compliance with Workplace Health & Safety laws for Owners and Managing Agents

By law all workplaces constructed before 31st December, 2001 MUST HAVE an asbestos register and management plan in place. These management plans must be updated regularly. Owners of buildings that contain asbestos have a responsibility to ensure that a copy of the asbestos register and management plan is available to ensure the safety of staff, tenants and tradesmen in this work place.

When the management of rental properties is handed over by the property owner to managing agents, this responsibility is transferred over to them. There are fines for owners and managing agents that can be issued for non compliance of the Workplace Health and Safety law. Coastal Asbestos can supply you with an asbestos register and management plan. We can also do a presentation to your staff, in your workplace to keep all staff up to date on their responsibilities when it comes to dealing with asbestos. Call us today on 07 55703706. Let us help you keep your staff and tenants safe from the dangers of asbestos.

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