Asbestos DIY No way !!

Asbestos DIY No way !!

Don’t be fooled by asbestos when renovating there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. Asbestos in Australian homes can be friable or non friable only trained professionals can tell the difference between the two types . Friable asbestos removal is prohibited by untrained professionals under law in Australia .Asbestos was used in Australian home from the 1940’s right up to its total ban in the construction and building industry in 1985, which is why it can be found in 90% of homes built before 1990.

If left alone it and well maintained it poses no risk, but the fact that is found in many areas of a home flooring, walls, ceilings, roofing, fencing, insulation on pipes and wiring bathrooms, ensuites, laundry, and some kitchens Asbestos was thought of as a wonder product and was used in over 3000 products because of its unique properties of fire resistance, it was waterproof, thermal efficiency, flexibility, chemical resistance and it was readily available and cheap and easy to work with.

After some time it was obvious that asbestos had a deadly side to it and a total ban on its use in Australia was introduced in 31 st December 2003. With the total ban came strict regulations on the removal of asbestos and to this day it is a very specialized and heavily regulated industry.

Asbestos removal requires specialized equipment and highly trained technicians to ensure there are no deadly asbestos fibers left behind after the removal process. Careful planning and preparation are required before any asbestos removal work is undertaken. These are skills that take time to develop and perfect with the focus on decontamination of not only the work sit but themselves as well. There have been so many cases of asbestos workers from the old days family members dying from an asbestos-related disease which have no known cures.

The insidious nature of asbestos exposure is that it can take up to 30 years from the time of the exposure before symptoms present themselves many asbestos-related diseases are incurable and fatal. Asbestos is deadly and should only be removed by highly trained professionals which are readily available there is absolutely no need for home DIY renovators to undertake such dangerous work and put their family’s health at risk. This is definitely a job for the pro’s like gas and electrical work.

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