Asbestos Bathroom Removal What to expect on the day bathroom removal

Asbestos Bathroom Removal What to expect on the day bathroom removal

Asbestos was widely used in bathrooms of homes built before 1990 asbestos sheeting was used because it was waterproof , strong and easy to work with. Our expert asbestos removal team removes a lot of Bathrooms that contain asbestos sheeting .

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When working inside peoples homes you need to make sure you are using professional asbestos removal companies . It is highly unlikely that your bathroom renovation company possesses the expert skill and equipment and safety culture required to keep your family safe or specialized asbestos specific insurance .

So what should you expect on the day of your asbestos bathroom removal

  1. All jobs start with the paperwork and notifications are sent in to workplace health and safety 5 days in advance, unless there is urgent need like broken asbestos sheeting in a home.This happens a lot especially with DIY renovations.
  2. Once onsite we hold a safety meeting where we go over the job assign tasks to team members and plan the job. at this stage we make sure all electrical outlets have been terminated by a licensed electrician.
  3. Now we notify the neighbors to keep everybody informed of whats happening so we can keep everybody safe. And set up our signage and barricades.
  4. . Working inside peoples homes there is a need to isolate the work area to keep everybody safe . This is often done with double layers of 200 um plastic used as walls to close off doorways and hall ways
  5. Once the asbestos removal is underway its a simple task of getting the sheets off using the best methods to minimize breakage. We use best practices like full sheet removal and water misting to do this .
  6. Once the sheeting has been carefully removed next all the timber is denailed and decontaminated with our hazard rated asbestos vacuums.
  7. . After the decontamination process an encapsulation spray is applied to the frame.
  8. This is the stage where we have the job inspected and a clearance certificate is issued to confirm that it is now safe for you to reoccupy your home, and the next stage of the renovations can begin.
  9. All of the asbestos sheeting has been loaded into our trailer and is now ready to be transported to a registered waste facility .

This is just a quick guide to what you should expect on the day and it is just a guide . If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time . Or go to our new facebook group Asbestos Ask The Expert.