Southport Asbestos Removal

Southport Asbestos Removal

Southport Asbestos Removal.

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If you are renovating a home built before 1990 in Southport you will have asbestos that will need to be romoved call the experts today !Southport is a really up-and-coming for renovations, especially since the Light Rail has been through. There’s an increasing number of knockdowns but nonetheless people are still renovating. A lot of older homes are in Southport and many homes in Southport are lined inside and out with asbestos.

Last year a hail storm went through Southport and there has been hundreds of asbestos roof removals in Southport as a result. Almost every asbestos roof has been replaced under insurance. Asbestos fences in Southport are what we are seeing a lot of, and now the asbestos fence removal in Southport has become more of a search term than before.

There was a lot of asbestos bathrooms being removed in Southport as well, because all of the asbestos removal in the area there is due mainly to the hail storm. There is a heightened awareness of asbestos in Southport at the time, so now jobs to be done in Southport are asbestos [inaudible 00:00:56] for commercial properties, asbestos from off pipe removal as part of the 2018 Commonwealth games, right expanses, and within the renovation soon are asbestos bathrooms being removed weekly.

Other jobs we’ve done is some really big commercial jobs in Southport in the Southport Mall, which poses another challenge for us. We’ve really become commercial asbestos removal experts because of the amount of work we’ve actually done in Scarborough Street and the Southport Mall. Jobs like the removal of the asbestos Vinyl tiles in the old Heritage Bank Building , Asbestos wall and ceiling linings in the old Southport Bakery , some asbestos re roofs on the professionals real estate in the mall and many bathroom renovations a fences in the greater Southport area.

Some of the asbestos related services we offer in Southport are

  • Asbestos reports
  • Asbestos roof remova
  • Asbestos fence removal
  • Asbestos transport
  • Asbestos bathroom removal
  • Asbestos cladding removal
  • Asbestos commercial reports and registers
  • Asbestos wall removal
  • Asbestos ceiling removal
  • Asbestos eave removals
  • Asbestos pipe removal
  • Asbestos contaminated soil removal
  • Air monitoring
  • Asbestos testing

If you need an asbestos expert in Southport call the office on 0755703706 to book in an inspection for a quotation today! Or call into our office at 2/54 Newheath Drive Arundel QLD 4214 e mail

What happens to your home in a flood?

What happens to your home in a flood?

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Flooding is very common in Australia the news is full of stories of ‘once in a lifetime floods ‘or “ 100 year high flood levels “ . I guess we need to accept that flooding is part of the Australian landscape and the most common type of flood is of rivers after large rain events there are 3 types of flooding In Australia they are.

Inland river (Slow onset Flooding)

Vast flat areas of parts of Australia may be come flooded when river overflow from many weeks or sometimes months of heavy rain. This type of flood can devastate low lying areas and rural communities causing loss of livestock, crops, infrastructure such as rail links, roads, fencing and in extreme cases whole towns can be cut off until the flood waters subside.

Mountain / Coastal Rivers (Quick onset flooding)

Flooding can occur more quickly in these coastal / mountainous areas because of the quick flow or mountain rivers created by run off from mountains. This combination of mountain rivers running to the ocean mean the flooding usually last for only a few days before the flood waters subside. The major risk with quick flooding is the warning time is much shorter and the risk of loss of life and property is much higher as a result of fast flowing water with a strong current. High and king tides in coastal areas can make flooding slower to drain away.

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding results in short intense bursts of rain and can happen anywhere any time and poses the greatest risk to life and property. People and animals are often swept away in flash floods and many cars are lost trying to cross flooded roads. It’s the most dangerous type of flood because of the lack of warning time.

So what happens next?

Water weighs approximately 1 ton per cubic meter and even more if it is full of silt and debris. In the Queensland 2011 floods the town of Grantham was decimated by flooding waters that removed whole buildings, just from the force of the water .Lives were lost and two people have never been found to my knowledge. Severe damage can occur from fast moving flood waters to your home, either by the water it self or by the debris that is carried in it. I remember driving out near Minden in the Lockyer Valley shortly after the 2011 floods and just about every bridge had a shed or a water tank wedged under it.

The mud, all that silt and soil that comes thru your home brings with it microbes, and if not treated will continue to release mould spores for the life of your home. This is why often the internal linings of your family home right up to the flood level will have to be removed, and a sanitising solution applied after the walls are thoroughly cleaned. Small things like all your power outlets and switches will have to be replaced, you home may require rewiring if there is damage to the electrical wiring/ meter board in your home. Especially if it needs to be brought up to code for repairs.

Asbestos is another thing to think about it can be found in many places in your home and the fact that the linings have to be stripped back to sanitise the home you may end up with a whole new interior of you home. Your roof may be replaced if the flood waters totally submerge your home as there is no way to clean and sanitise the roof space and underside of roofing and insulation. Things like doors and trims will have to be replaced as they are often destroyed when soaked in water. We have seen cases of highset homes surviving the flood waters but all the stumps holding up the home moved by fast running flood water having to be restumped.

Any way you look at it your home will not be able to move back into immediately if you are in a major flood for quite some time. Sadly, most if not all your belongings in the home will not be salvageable. It’s a stressful time and a time that the Great Aussie spirit rises to help out, remember the mud army in Brisbane during the 2011 floods an army of over twenty five thousand volunteers got in and helped with the clean-up speeding up the recovery efforts.

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Asbestos In Baby Powder And The Safer Alternative.

Asbestos In Baby Powder And The Safer Alternative.

Talcum powder has been a staple in many homes around the world for many years its been used for everything from keeping babies comfy to being added to many cosmetics for both adults and children .

There has been a lot of news lately regarding asbestos and baby powder and asbestos and talc powder products . Just like asbestos talk is a naturally occuring mineral wikipedia describes is as

“Talc or talcum is a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate” unfortunately these two minerals asbestos and talk can be found together in the ground and the cancer council of Australia has said recently

“According to the Cancer Council of Australia, in its natural form, some talc may contain asbestos, which is known to cause cancer. That’s because geologically,talc and asbestos can naturally form alongside each other. But not every talc deposit is contaminated with asbestos.”

So what is the risk and what types of cancer may be caused by asbestos. Here is a list of known cancers and diseases caused by asbestos .

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Laryngeal Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Pleural plaques
  • Pleural thickening
  • Pleural effusion
  • Mesothelioma

Currently there is no cure for many of these types of cancer . So what are the alternatives ? Currently there is no research to suggest that cornstarch based powders pose any risk to your health . Experts recommend that you use all powders carefully and avoid inhaling any powder is best practice . because cornstarch powder is made from processes corn and not mixed with any minerals it cannot contain asbestos unless it is added on purpose, so we recommend choosing cornstarch powder that is 100% cornstarch powder .

Asbestos and Christmas

Asbestos and Christmas

Asbestos has played a big part in everyday life and Christmas is no exception . Asbestos in its purest form has similar characteristics visually to snow . There were so many asbestos products available for home use fake snow was readily available and often pure 100% asbestos .

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Asbestos was not only used in homes a fake snow Hollywood used in movies Christmas movies like “Miracle on 34th Street” and Bing Crosby’s ” Holiday inn” . Asbestos was used in nearly all oil lantern wicks back in those days as well !
Luckily these days the risks of deadly asbestos are known and it is no longer used as fake snow and sold into homes aor used in movies.
Caravans / food trucks and asbestos, are you serious?

Caravans / food trucks and asbestos, are you serious?

Asbestos was used for all sorts of products and just like just about every sector of construction asbestos was also used quite readily in caravans and food trucks built befor 1990 in Australia Asbestos was mainly used in caravans and food trucks for all the reasons why it was used everywhere else it was lightweight, fire proof, a great insulator, flexible, readily available and cheap.

All the properties caravan and food truck builders were looking for caravan and food truck owners were also looking for the same things in caravans it was a match made in hell unfortunately nobody was aware how deadly asbestos is.

Asbestos made its way into caravans primarily because standard building practices were used in the construction of caravans and food trucks , they had power, plumbing, internal frames and linings, insulation, windows in reality they were little houses and so were built to resemble family homes as much as possible inside.

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So where was asbestos found in caravans and food trucks ?

Vinyl asbestos floor tiles.In electrical components like flash guards in fuses.Asbestos backed linoAsbestos was mixed in the mastic on windowsAsbestos break padsGluesBody deadenerLaminates

So, what happens next? Just like all other “buildings” we suggest getting a pre-purchase inspection before you buy a dream renovator calling in asbestos experts and getting lab tests of suspected asbestos can save lives and help you make informed decisions about asbestos and asbestos removal in caravans. Call us we can help.

Asbestos Lined Shop Awnings a Ticking Time Bomb

Asbestos Lined Shop Awnings a Ticking Time Bomb

In 2012 a man was tragically killed and five other people were injured when a cantilevered awning collapsed in Burleigh on the Gold Coast. The subsequent investigation into the awning collapse by The Queensland Coroner and Queensland Workplace Health and Safety revealed that the dyna bolts for the frame of the awning that was attached to a cantilevered concrete beam failed. Over time the dyna bolts had become rusted and failed the awning which was origionally built in the 1970’s like tens of thousands of others in Queensland revealed a ticking time bomb.

The Coroner James Mc Dougall called for an urgent safety inspection of every building awning over public foot paths in response, and stated that the Gold Coast community was at “significant risk”. In response The Gold Coast Council has been issuing directives to have every cantilever awning on the Gold Coast inspected by engineers to ensure public safety.

Many of these awnings have asbestos linings and, asbestos awning removal has become a part of our business on the Gold Coast. Asbestos awning removal is one of the jobs we love to do because we are helping to keep the community safe. Removing the asbestos linings from these shop awnings is a very involved process.

Keeping people safe is what we do best at Coastal Asbestos and in the case of asbestos shop awning removal there are a lot of things to factor when taking on a job of this importance. You need to take into consideration a traffic management plans, outside hours work permits, foot path closures, Road closures, relocation of services, engineers, temporary site fencing, asbestos removal authorisation, permits to work in the close vicinity of the light rail to name a few. It’s all in the name of public safety that’s why we are the experts when it comes to asbestos awning removal.

By choosing Coastal Asbestos Removal for your next asbestos awning removal you are gaining all of our years of experience in asbestos removal and the technical knowledge to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch. We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and budget with out any interruption to workflow and more importantly keeping everybody safe.