How To Get Your Asbestos Roof Replaced For Under $1000.00

How To Get Your Asbestos Roof Replaced For Under $1000.00

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Asbestos roofs can cost from $10,000 to $40,000 there is a way to get the asbestos roof removed and a new roof installed for under $1000.00 and here’s how anybody can do it.

Asbestos was used in Australian between the 1940’s right up to its ban in 1985 for asbestos roofs amongst other building products. It was mixed with concrete to form all sorts of roof asbestos roofing or fibro roofing profiles the asbestos fibres were held within the matrix of the concrete mix. Over time this matrix is broken down and more and more deadly asbestos fibres are released as the elements continually pound the unpainted asbestos roofing.

When the asbestos roofing was manufactured it came with a recommended life span of 25 years all asbestos roofing is now well past its use by date and should be prioritised for removal. A new metal roof is the most popular choice for removal. This process can cost between ten and forty thousand dollars for homes and hundreds of thousands for commercial properties depending on the size.

There are three main types of asbestos roofing profiles there is the Corrugated asbestos roofing is commonly known as “super six roof “which had 50mm ( 2 inches) corrugations or the smaller “standard “ which has 25mm (1 inch) corrugations these are very common in Australia.

The other types are asbestos shingles and asbestos membrane roofing the asbestos roof shingles are not as prevalent as the corrugated fibro roofs and asbestos membrane roofs are mostly found on commercial buildings. Asbestos shingles and corrugated roofing are commonly not painted and have a grey concrete colour. With age they all become very brittle and non-repairable.

Super six corrugated asbestos roofing.Standard corrugated asbestos roofing.Asbestos shingles.Asbestos membrane roofing.

The good news is most standard insurance policies will cover for storm damage to asbestos roofing of all types and conditions. Simply stated if your asbestos roof is damaged in a storm event it is highly likely the entire roof removal and new replacement roof can be claimed under your standard building insurance.

Damage can be from anything to hail damage which presents as white dot’s over the roof. This happens when the hail stones impact the asbestos roofing and cause the surface to be blasted by hail removing the top layer of the surface of the sheeting, it can be as little as a few millimetres of the surface to cracking and in extreme cases holes all the way through the sheet.

Other types of damage are impact created by a storm event from trees, tv aerials flying objects anything at all. Because asbestos roofs are not repairable even one cracked piece of the roof that has been damaged by a storm can result in the entire roof being replaced under standard building insurance all for the price of your excess which is usually under one thousand dollars.

So, what you need to do is after a storm? If you believe there may be storm related damage to your asbestos roof , call your insurance company to make a claim.Or you can get us out to inspect your roof and compile a roof report for you documenting any damage to your asbestos roof. You can contact us on 07 55703706 or send us an e mail to and we will send out one of our qualified inspectors for a fraction of the cost of a claim.