Asbestos and house fires what you need to know.

Asbestos and house fires what you need to know.

Asbestos was widely used in homes built before 1990 in Australia it was used in asbestos walls,asbestos flooring,asbestos ceilings,asbestos fencing and asbestos flooring . As we know asbestos sheeting that is in good condition poses no immediate risk and can be safely left alone . One of the reasons asbestos was used so much in so many products was because of its thermal qualities, and fire resistance which means that house fires don’t affect the asbestos fibers themselves .

There are two classifications of asbestos we talk about in the asbestos removal industry Friable and Non Friable . The definition of non friable is asbestos fibers that are held in a matrix like in concrete sheeting these fibers are part of the sheet and thus are non friable . When asbestos is in loose form or in a matrix that can be easily crushed by hand pressure it is considered Friable .

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This is where the fire comes in ,even though the asbestos fibers were previously held in a sheet form when the building was built ,the fire can make this sheeting deteriorate so much that the asbestos fibers are now friable and moving freely . Previously non friable asbestos sheeting is now classified as friable asbestos sheeting by safe work Australia.

Best practice is to engage a qualified A class asbestos removal company to remove the debris and decontaminate the rest of the home or in more severe cases the whole house may have to be demolished and disposed of as friable asbestos waste defiantly a job for asbestos specialist . For more information about asbestos removal head to our web site

Get It Tested !

Get It Tested !

Why would you get it tested ?
Our advice to anybody and everybody is GET IT TESTED ! Before any renovations on buildings built before 1990, there should be samples of the building linings taken every time . These will establish if asbestos building products were used in the construction or renovation of the home.

You can never be to careful we have had samples from homes built in 1992 come back positive for asbestos. And we removed the lining of an in-ground pool that was built in 1996 that contained asbestos .The use of asbestos in the building and construction industry was banned in 1985 but many people were still using existing stock illegally after this total ban was introduced Australia wide . Don’t even get me started on imports that is a whole other blog.

  1. It could save your life
  2. It could save you thousands of dollars
  1. It could save your life!
    Lets have a look at number 1, it could save your life . Pretty straight forward you would think as we all are aware asbestos is deadly and there is no cure for asbestos related diseases . Having samples taken and tested is the only way to know 100% that the wall you are looking at does not contain asbestos. Samples are cheap and easy to obtain there is really no reason not to sample before you start works in any pre 1990 home in Australia. And if your house has some “dodgey or unorthodox ” building practices used in its construction you need to take samples.

    We recently completed a job and we found that the home was so poorly built and renovated that asbestos was hidden everywhere.Most alarming was the presence of asbestos under gyprock . There is no way you could tell just by looking at the walls . The owners of this home had screwed screws into the walls to hang paintings . Unbeknown to the owners the screws were through the gyprock and through the asbestos sheeting behind it . Other traps were such poor building practices such as just holes knocked in walls to bring pipes and wiring through these walls were asbestos. Just holes in walls concealed behind fittings not only not vermin proof but the debris was in the wall cavity releasing fibres. Remembering you must get testes done at a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities ) Laboratory and look for this symbol
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  2. It could save you thousands

If you get a negative result for samples and by negative I mean no asbestos contained in the sample then you can save thousands of dollars if you are stripping out a full house . Seems pretty simple , because it is you just need to be informed.

So everybody repeat after me GET IT TESTED!

testing why its important 1 - Get It Tested !