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Starting out in the industry at the tender age of 21, Jason Spaull of Coastal Asbestos Removal knows what it takes to succeed in the industry and has used Master Builders as his guiding force to take his business to the next level. Kicking his career off as a roofer, Jason undertook his Certificate 3 in roofing in 2007 before getting his BSA License and taking on jobs for the likes of Billabong, BMW, Range Rover and ST Hilda’s School in Southport.

He moved onto insurance repair work in 2009, working for national insurance builders, with the aftermath of the Queensland floods proving an extremely busy time for him. In 2012 Jason completed his Certificate 4 in Building Construction Management, and decided to shift away from roofing and expand into asbestos removal. Jason’s Gold Coast based business, Coastal Asbestos Removal, was a natural progression, as he was already well versed in asbestos removal from working on roofs and gutters. From starting out, to growing his business, Jason has seen a wealth of changes to the regulations around asbestos removal.

“I have seen many changes in licensing, along with the introduction of a new business license, which I think they’ve definitely got right” Jason said. “When I registered the name and did my own logo I wasn’t sure what the future held. Some days I was roofing and some days I was doing asbestos removal. It came to a point where I had no choice – I had to get off the tools and focus on the asbestos business.”
“Customers will just ring the next guy if they can’t get a hold of you on the first go” Jason said.

“I soon realised that if this was going to work, we’d have to get good at marketing ourselves. So, we developed a website, learned all about content marketing, google advertising and SEO, and things really started to get busy. We also decided to employ a business coach so that I could change my mindset from a busy tradesman on the tools, to one who actually ran a really good business.”

Business has boomed ever since, with two vans fully equipped for asbestos removal, a supervisor and a part-time administration assistant.

“It has been a constant evolution learning about sales, marketing and developing a truly mobile business. I can now operate the business from anywhere I can get mobile coverage – if it’s not in the cloud, it’s not an option.” 

Throughout all of this Dean Phillips from the Master Builders Gold Coast membership team was there for me. He helped me with all the questions I had about compliance, licensing, sourcing labour and workplace health and safety. He even got me to come along to the Industry Insights events and the Gold Coast Roadshow, which is where we ended up meeting our business coach. 

We can always rely on Master Builders to give us the right answers no matter how complex the situation. I don’t know where I would be without them.


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