At Coastal Asbestos, we’re committed to raising awareness about safe asbestos handling. Today, we delve into the often misunderstood ’10 Square Metre Rule’ in asbestos removal and the significant risks involved in amateur asbestos removal.

Understanding the 10 Square Metre Rule

In many Australian states and territories, legislation permits the removal of up to 10 square metres of asbestos without a licence. However, it’s crucial to understand the full scope of this rule. The law stipulates that such removal must occur under controlled conditions. This part of the legislation is often overlooked, leading to dangerous practices.

The Dangers of DIY Asbestos Removal

Amateur attempts at asbestos removal can lead to severe consequences. We’ve encountered instances where unlicensed handymen and contractors have inadvertently caused extensive contamination, resulting in losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These mistakes often stem from a lack of understanding about the safe handling of asbestos and inadequate insurance coverage.

Professional Equipment is Essential

Asbestos removal requires specific equipment, like a HEPA vacuum cleaner and a properly fitted asbestos-approved mask. The cost and maintenance of such equipment are beyond the scope of a regular tradesman. A HEPA vacuum cleaner, essential for safe asbestos removal, can cost upwards of $2,000, with annual testing and maintenance requirements. Additionally, face masks must be correctly fitted, a detail often overlooked by those not specialised in asbestos removal.

The Risks of Non-Professional Removal

Allowing a non-professional to remove, drill, or even break a piece of asbestos is highly risky. Without the proper equipment and knowledge, they are not only endangering themselves but also you and your family. Asbestos removal should only be done by trained, equipped, licensed, and insured professionals.


The ’10 Square Metre Rule’ might seem like a loophole for easy asbestos removal, but it’s a dangerous misconception. The risks associated with improper handling of asbestos are too significant to ignore. Just as electricians are the only ones qualified to handle electricity, asbestos removal should be left to the experts.

Don’t risk your safety by attempting DIY asbestos removal. Contact Coastal Asbestos for professional, safe, and licensed asbestos removal services. Our team is passionate about keeping you safe and has the necessary expertise and equipment to handle asbestos correctly. Visit our website or call us for a consultation. Choose safety and professionalism with Coastal Asbestos.